Frequently asked questions!

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Do you have a price list/how much does everything cost?

I bake on a completely bespoke basis, and will work with you to create the cake of your dreams! I don't have a price list as such, but below are starting prices for something lovely, classic and simple - for example, a classic Victoria sponge with vanilla buttercream, raspberry jam and fresh summer berries. Sizes are diameter, and all my cakes are three layers tall unless otherwise specified.

Mini 4-inch cake - 4 small slices - from £30

6inch cake - 6-8 slices - from £40

8inch cake - 12(ish) slices - from £55

10inch cake - 20(ish) slices - from £70

Fondant model toppers take (I really mean this, ask my boyfriend...!) hours and hours, so are priced accordingly on a bespoke basis.

Classic cupcakes start from £3 each. 

Discounts available for large cupcake orders, and bespoke cupcake toppers a speciality (recent examples include sombreros and a skip) - check my gallery for examples.

Tiered cakes, including wedding cakes, are priced on an individual basis, so get in touch for a bespoke quote.

Do you do vegan bakes?

Ab. So. Lutely. I love making vegan celebration cakes, brownies and traybakes - absolute guilt-free indulgence, am I right?

Do you do gluten-free?

I can use gluten-free flour, ensure my ingredients are gluten-free and take the utmost care during the baking process - I can't claim to be 100% gluten-free (this requires all sorts of special certification) as my kitchen does handle gluten and there may be traces in the air. If you have a gluten allergy or intolerance, please do get in touch to discuss your options.

Can you cater for my allergy?

As above, I can take the utmost care to cater for your allergy and can generally adapt most recipes to suit you - I do handle the major allergens of milk, eggs, nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soya in my kitchen so can't 100% guarantee my bakes are free of all traces. Get in touch to discuss if you have any questions at all about allergens.

Do you have Paypal?

I don't - on ordering, I will send you an invoice with my payment details on.

Do you deliver?

Yes! Delivery to Walthamstow and the surrounds is included. For anything further afield, I will get to you if I can - I do add on a delivery surcharge to cover my costs. Get in touch to discuss.

How much notice do you need?

As much as possible, please! I really hate saying no to people - it physically pains me - but sometimes it's unavoidable if my diary is full up. If I can fit you in at short notice I will, so it's always worth asking, but I'd get your request in as early as possible to ensure availability.

Why haven't I heard from you?

I will always always get back to you. If it's a busy baking day it might take me a little while, but I will always endeavour to reply within 24 hours. My emails have a habit of ending up in junk folders and I have no way of knowing if they do, so please do check in there if it's been over a day or so.

Who actually are you?

I am much less interesting than the cakes - but hello! I'm Melissa, originally from Lancashire and have lived in London for over ten years. I studied an English degree at UCL, and in my other life I'm an actor, having worked in the West End, on telly, in adverts and voiceovers. (You probably won't have seen me in anything.) I'm teaching myself about all things cake-related, and making things up as I go along in the most artistic and delicious way possible!