Let's face it: lockdown can be boring as sin.

You've watched everything Netflix has to offer and someone's eaten the last custard cream.

BUT NEVER FEAR! Blackhorse Bakery is here to save the day!

*Drumroll please*

Introducing BLACKHORSE BOXES: a changing menu of weekly treats to make you happy.


By ordering you're not only helping a small business, but also doing good inthe world - 10% of the profits will go to the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust.



How does it work? (I hear you cry)

Easy. Check the latest menu (deliveries are every fortnight at the moment) on Instagram or Facebook, and either use the contact form on this site or email me at hello@blackhorsebakery.co.uk to place an order. Include:

1: The combination of treats you'd like

2. Your address 

3. Any allergies or other things to let me know

And I'll get back to you to confirm!

Your box will be delivered the following weekend. Simple as.

Due to current restrictions I can only serve locally to north-east London - so sorry to friends further afield, I'm working on postage!

Boxes are £18, contain 12 treats and are 10" by 7".

All possible safety precautions are taken in my kitchen, and delivery & payment are contact-free.

 Scroll down for this week's menu:

Menu - 08/11/20

For delivery 15/11/20

Enjoy 12 of the same flavour or mix and match

6 x 2 flavours or 4 x 3 flavours

BROWNIE: Snickers

BLONDIE: Biscoff


VEGAN: Biscoff brownie/Creamy lemon crunch slice.

These treats will last for a week if stored in an airtight container. They can also be frozen - just wrap in cling film and then foil. Voila, treats for ages!

Gluten-free options available, please just ask.


Order two boxes and receive a 10% discount! 

One for you, one for a friend or loved one.

Or..... two for you. You deserve it.

Notice on Allergens

When requested, I can do my best to ensure my ingredients are free from nuts/gluten, but cannot guarantee my kitchen is 100% free of nut and gluten traces. I also handle all the main allergens of dairy, nuts, peanuts, gluten (wheat), egg, sesame, sulphites and soya in my kitchen, so although I take all possible measures to minimise the risk, cross-contamination of ingredients is possible.